Wednesday, 13 January 2016

Atheism vs Religion

Can you convert me to your religion?

Are you the religious person that can change my thinking from Atheism (or Anti-Theism) and become a devout and worshipful member of your faith and God?

Surely it is religions greatest challenge to convert the faithless sinner bound for a life of ignorance (or hell in some cases) into one of the true children of your Lord?

Well, here I am. The doubting sinner. A life long cynic, lover of scientific process and rationale debater. Cold reason and scientific logic has been my greatest guardian and far.

I am willing to be converted...if you can convince me. And I am a challenge like you will not believe. Just so you are warned. If you can convert me I'm sure it would cause some severe doubts in many non-believers around the world.

At first this process will have to be done via you messaging in your convincing arguments why I should change my mind after 35 years of unbelief and post my response for everyone to read via this blog. 

But shortly I will conduct online conversations and upload the following media for all to hear and judge.

So, come on. Convince me!!

email me at: your messages.

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